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How can I revoke a Durable Power of Attorney in Florida?

This question comes up from time to time in our office. Often times the Principal will grant powers to an agent for a limited purpose or a limited time. If the purpose is limited then a Limited Durable Power of Attorney should be created for the client. However, if the powers are granted for a limited time, a revocation can be executed to terminate the powers granted to the Principal.

Question of the Week:

How can I revoke my Durable Power of Attorney in Florida?

A Notice of Revocation of Durable Power of Attorney is a document that can be drafted by a Florida Estate Planning Lawyer, and recorded in the Florida County Records. The document requires the signature of the Principal, Two Witnesses & a Statement of Certification from a Florida Notary Public. Copies of the revocation documents must be signed and should be distributed to the agent named in the original document. It will be necessary to know which Florida county your original Durable Power of Attorney was recorded.


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