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When you or a loved one is arrested, charged or detained, it can seem like you are walking this path all alone with the weight of the world on your shoulders. The truth is criminal Law cases can be decided based on just one fact. Don't make the wrong decision of not seeking legal advice. Every move you make can have an impact on the result of your case. Get started now! The more information you have about your charges, your options and possible penalties, the more equipped you are to make the right choice. 


With Jimenez & Jimenez, LLC. on your side, you know that you have a team that is dedicated to ensuring that your legal rights are exercised and that you get the best possible outcome in your case. We understand that this time may not be easy for you and will work with you and your loved ones to make this process as easy as possible. The first step is speaking with a licensed attorney about your matter and learning your options.

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Q: What types of cases do you handle?

A: Our office handles a variety of misdemeanor and felony cases including drug charges, assault/battery, theft, weapon charges, driving offense such as DUI/DWI. The best way to know if we handle a type of case is to give our offices a call. 

Q: How do I get a previous charge off of my record?

A: Each state is different and now more than ever laws has been extended to provide more opportunities for previous offenses to be shielded or expunged off of a record. Depending on the type of charge, and the outcome of the case, a petition may be filed immediately to have the charge expunged or there may be a waiting period. There are also instances where even if a charge cannot be expunged, it may be eligible to be shielded from public view.


Q: Can I get more than one offense expunged?

A: Depends on the jurisdiction. In Maryland,Yes! As long as the charges qualify to be expunged, you may apply to have the charges expunged, pay the necessary fee ($30 per petition) and the process will begin to have those charges removed from your record. In New Jersey, there is no limitation to how many expungements a person can apply for and receive. In Florida, unfortunately, no unless the charges are related. It is a condition that the person had never filed for expungement/sealing before filing the present petition. To get more information about the expungement process, take a look at our Blog Section or contact our office for advice. 

Q: The officer told me that I am facing jail time, am I guaranteed to go to jail?

A: In criminal cases there are no guarantees, and that goes for sentencing as well. Just because a charge carries a possibility of jail time, does not mean that you are definitely going to jail. When a strong defense team is in your corner, there are other options such as plea deals, probation, community service, and of course, that the charges could be dropped altogether.

Q: I was arrested and charged, what should I do?

A: It is in your best interest to refrain from making a statement to the police without an attorney present. You should contact one as soon as possible to exercise your rights. It is also important that you understand what you are being charged with so you may seek advice on what is in store for you next. 


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