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Florida, Maryland & New Jersey Probate Lawyers


Losing a loved one is hard for anyone. Often, clients are in a very emotional panic, and navigating the Florida, Maryland or New Jersey probate system is the last thing they want to do. 


Many questions arise throughout the probate process, and the length and time depends on the size of the deceased's estate. It is best to hire an attorney licensed in the state to assist with administering the estate and commencing a probate action in the appropriate courts. 


Many people often ask why is probate necessary? Probate is not always necessary and may be avoided with proper estate planning techniques. However, Probate is necessary to remove the deceased's name from any legal titles such as homes, cars and other property, especially in the event the property is to be sold. Probate also puts any and all creditors on notice of the decedents death, thereby preventing them from pursuing collection actions outside of the probate action. 

It is important to keep in mind that property must be probated in the state it is located, regardless of where the decedent died. This issue comes up specifically with Timeshares and Vacation Homes. Tourists purchase property in Florida, Maryland or New Jersey, and their families are left with a property that must go through the Probate process. Our office specializes in assisting out-of-state clients and is willing to work to get the result that the client desires. 

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