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Real Estate Lawyer 

Real Property Law extends itself across a vast number of industries and practice areas like the Timeshare Industry, Commercial & Residential Transactions, Landlord Tenant Law, Foreclosure Law and Business Law. 

Clients work with our office for a variety of different reasons, whether they are transferring a property via Quit Claim Deed or in need of a contract negotiation expert; others simply call our office to have a legal document drafted. 

Quit Claim Deeds and Warranty Deeds

A Quit Claim deed is one of the most used instruments to transfer property in an arms-length transaction. An arms-length transaction can be a matter where property is being transferred from brother to sister, or company to company. A Warranty Deed provides additional protections and warranties for the buyer of real estate, whereas the Quit Claim Deed transfers only the sellers interest; whatever that may be. 

Residential & Commercial Closing Services. 

Our office assists Real Estate buyers and sellers in the closing of their residential or commercial property. A real estate closing normally requires a title search to ensure no liens exist against the property. A real estate closing attorney also reviews the documents for both buyer and seller, as well as drafts the actual deed that will be used to transfer property. The closing agent holds escrow and pays the appropriate parties the appropriate amounts due if, any. Buyers are then given the keys to their property and our office records the deed for the client. 

Buyer’s Agent 

Our office assists Florida homeowners in a for-sale by owner sale, guiding the seller through the Florida Real Estate Transaction. Florida home buyers can contact our office for assistance in purchasing and negotiating their next home, rather than working with a commission based Florida real estate broker. 

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