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What you should know about a Virtual Law Office

A virtual law office can vary with respect to how each is set up and the services that are provided. A completely practice that works exclusively online is considered a virtual practice. Clients are able to gain access to their case through a client portal and often times can make contact with their Attorney and staff online. Most of the time clients do not come to the traditional office, however some law firms are set up to accommodate clients traditionally and online. These firms are considered Hybrid firms. Hybrid firms are beneficial because of the flexibility with scheduling when the attorney can communicate online or via a messaging service. offers a client portal for each client’s convenience, however clients may come directly into the office if they would like. There is an office in Downtown Orlando, Florida and in North Arlington, New Jersey. Client are able to upload documents, receive and print documents, send messages to the staff, schedule online meetings and even view and pay invoices in a secure environment.

The worlds is changing and the law field is not exempt. is dedicated to bringing each client directly in contact with their attorney at the client’s convenience. Whether the client chooses to email their attorney or call the office directly, the choice is the client’s. Hybrid and Online Law Practices are the future of the legal community.

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